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 Banned Magic List

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Tori Lancaster
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PostSubject: Banned Magic List   Banned Magic List EmptyTue Dec 03, 2013 5:53 pm

We have created This  list compromised of magics that Are banned and the great majority of these magics will stay that way. Magics that will be banned are considered, by us, as overpowered, control NPC & PC, godmodding, metagaming etc etc etc,  thus no RPers may use them in their characters. Concepts identical to these will also be unapproved. Only NPC's and people who win these magics through events and/or purchase them from shops may use them.

Absolutely Banned: These Magics are extremely OP, and may not be used under any circumstances, unless by NPCs with extreme regulation.

  • Immortality = No. Anyone can die. Period.
  • Controlling/Puppet Magic = Anything that is aching to control PC characters at whim is not allowed.
  • Instant Incapitation Magic =  Anything that makes characters unable to fight/move or defend themselves in any way will be banned. Canon example would be Stone Eyes.
  • Death Magic = ...Do you really need a reason?
  • Rapture = Can make magical energy inside mages, magical spells, and effects to explode. Highly overpowered.
  • Copy magic =
  • Living Magic = No, we do not desire a bunch of Zerefs running around creating demons.
  • Crash Magic = Highly overpowered.
  • Gravity Magic = Nerfable, but Very hard to do so and can be godmodded with.
  • Dragon Controlling Magic = To control beasts is something different, but as dragons are designed to be overpowered, anything aching to this will no be allowed, apart from Dragon Rider magic.
  • Negation Magic = Pure Anti-magic and lower ranked Mages will be put at a great disadvantage.
  • MP draining Magic = Same reason as Negation magic.
  • Slayer Magic = Next to Dragon Slayer Magic, no member will possess a different kind of slayer magic. They're plot tools and serve no real purpose in an rp.
  • Terrain Effect
  • Slowing Magic - NPC only
  • Thought Projection
  • Figure Eyes

Potentially Usable Magics: You may not start your character's RP with any of these magics, but they may be won through events and purchased in the shop (if you can get enough money when they're available.) In addition, some of these magics become unlocked for purchase/usage as you progress to a certain rank or gain a certain position.

  • Terrain Effect
  • Slowing Magic
  • Fairy Magics (Law, Sphere, Glitter)
  • Grimoire Law
  • Poison Magic & Poisoning Spells
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Banned Magic List
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