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Shiro Takahashi
Shiro Takahashi

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PostSubject: Rank Rules   Rank Rules EmptyThu Nov 28, 2013 8:13 pm

D-rank (Amateur)
The most basic of ranks, you are new to the site. You might get pushed around by the higher-ranking  wizards, but worry not, for someday you will be as strong if not stronger than them.
Prerequisites: N/A

C-rank (Apprentice)
You are starting to become more powerful and well-known. Keep on going forward and you might become extremely powerful and famous one day.
Prerequisites: 7500 Experience Points

B-rank (Adept)
Congratulations on making it to Adept, friend! You can actually call yourself a decent fighter now. You might still be pushed around some by the stronger mages, but now you'll actually stand a chance if you get into battles with them.
Prerequisites: 30000 Experience Points

A-rank (Expert)
You are becoming more and more famous now, wizard. You have many admirers and fans, and you are also on your way to becoming one of the strongest fighters in Fiore. So keep up all the hard work, for it will pay off.
Prerequisites: 50000 Experience Points

S-rank (Ace)
You are one of the strongest mages in Fiore and you are recognized for your skill and power. People all around look up to you, but there is still more you can accomplish. Keep on training.
Prerequisites: 100000 Experience Points, Secondary Magic,

SS-rank (Master)
Welcome to the realm of the best. Now you are at a level of power where you can start your own guild and be considered one of the Wizard Saints.
Prerequisites: 300000 Experience Points

X-rank (Legend)
You are now the highest rank achievable. People everywhere know your name and the ground trembles at your feet. Now, at the least, it can take whole armies to bring you down. Congratulations.
Prerequisites: 650000 Experience Points, Tertiary Magic, Staff Approval
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Rank Rules
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