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 Story Line + Regions information [WIP]

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Story Line + Regions information [WIP] Left_bar_bleue1500/1500Story Line + Regions information [WIP] Empty_bar_bleue  (1500/1500)

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PostSubject: Story Line + Regions information [WIP]   Story Line + Regions information [WIP] EmptySun Apr 06, 2014 7:57 am

The Republic of the Tri-Crowns

Story Line + Regions information [WIP] 575879dz

The Republic of the Tri-Crowns is a united governmental infrastructure made up the three contries known as Fiore, Bosco, and Seven, which gathers it's name from the three royal families that head the countries. Where Fiore used to be the powerhouse of all Earth Land controlling the most world’s magic with is iron fist, The Magic Council, but it is a small power now with limited control. The fall of the MC was felt most drastically in the countries of Fiore, Bosco, and Seven due to their pro as the initial civil war in Fiore spread to engulf the whole region in war with various dark guilds coming to power. Eventually the Leaders of each region identified that the fighting would never stop until they agreed to stop fighting each and form The Republic of The Tri-Crowns, an alliance used to fight against the Dark guilds using the most powerful mages and magical equipment from each of their regions. This Alliance was continued after defeating most of the Dark guilds as a result of the economic, scientific and political advantages which it was providing to all of them.  The collapse of the old Magic Council lead to a Fiorian civil war causing a shock wave to go through the entirety of Earth Land. Nations once governed by the old Magic Council now have made their own government bodies to govern the use of magic for themselves.

Fiore is a free and much more diverse country in race and culture to any other country. It also has the highest population of mages in all of Earthland, which can boast due to having the most magical mysteries in all of Earthland. This land is also considered the food hub of it’s neighbors, which proved to be of great help during the civil war and continues to be a useful trade export to both Bosco and Seven
Bosco is a mountainous region and is home to the dwavern race. Dwarves are known for living within the mountains and possessing vast amounts of rare metals and minerals as well as having extremely advanced technology.
Seven is the country most similar to Fiore, but is a much richer and more capitalistic due to its large deposits of Gold that are mined each day. All races are welcome so long as you have the money to survive.
Stella is a region devoid of people due to it being turned into a permanently scarred land with thousands of bones scattered throughout it during the first human-dragon war.
Pergrande Kingdom is a large military kingdom and is home to the giant race which was the cause for the famous Dragon-Human alliance, when the giants invaded from the east.
Bellum is a harsh and vast flatland that belongs to nature and the beasts that reside within its territory. These beasts range from wyverns, leviathans, and other equally powerful beasts. As such it a focal point of the BHA with hunters going there to hunt beasts for capture or killing as wells for sport or profit. Due to its nature only Hunters of A rank or higher are permitted to go there. Hunters are also used to escort caravans through Bellum when needed.
Sin is a densely populated region estimated to contain 5 million people where Slave trading is the main form of export as well as being the home of many types of magic banned in The Republic of The Tri-Crowns.
Minstrel is a vast land of diverse natures. It has cold, and mountainous areas to the north east and become warmer and flatter the more south west you go with only a few mountains near various points along the countries west coast. Elvish tribes have set up villages with in Minstrel and have a highly developed culture and civilized government. It has the lowest poverty rate of any country.
Ca-Elum is an island nation and homeland of the elven race and various beast races. Most of the animal and beasts from here are said to be gigantic in sizes.
Midi is a region often referred to as the unreachable lands, it is theorized that the cause of this effect is most likely due a leak in magical power, another is that it is created artificially to prevent intruders inside the region
Enca is a large island with a Medium sized active Volcano surrounded by small islands.
Desierto is a nomadic/tribal territory which has no real government, but rather agreements held by the various tribal leads. Peace between the various tribes comes and goes with the change of tribal leaders. While things are peaceful admittance into the territory is open to anyone, but those that are within the land when tribal wars arise must fend for themselves as no aid will be sent until the fighting as all but stopped. Despite the dangers of tribal wars people of all from all races come over to Desierto in search of ancient ruins, gold, relics, and other treasure left for several past civilizations.
Most natives to Desierto are poor while the richest, who have quite a bit of wealth, live in the few cities that exist and hold power over them. If a tribal war breaks out while foreigners are in the country they are recommended to make for the nearest city or border. Magic within Desierto also fluctuates drastically causing spells to act up or simply not work at times. It is highly recommended that those who go in know how to fight with and without magic.
Joya is surrounded by mountains and is a land ruled by dragons. Very few civilizations of other races are tolerated within Joya, but a few small civilizations have been permitted to exist alongside the dragons. Those that venture here do so at their own risk as the dragon decide who can stay or not, and in worse case serious who live or not within Joya’s boundaries.
Iceberg has little to no civilization and is home to primarily ice giants and a cold loving beasts and animals. Those that make their homes here are among the sturdiest people around. In total there is only one city and the rest of the population live in small villages and tribes. All in all it is an ice mages dream location, but other than that has no real appeal for visitors.
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Story Line + Regions information [WIP]
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