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 Limited Magic

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Konstantin Sokolov
Konstantin Sokolov

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PostSubject: Limited Magic   Limited Magic EmptyMon Feb 24, 2014 9:59 am

Canon Magic: In addition to creating custom magics, a roleplayer can use a magic from the Fairy Tail Canon Universe, as long as it is not on the Banned Magic list. (i.e Ice-Make, Dark Ecriture, Solid Script are all usable.) The more powerful ones and the more sought after ones are going to be located here, in the Limited Magic section. Only a certain amount of people can have these; once the slots are filled we will not accept any more mages with said magic. Users of Limited Magics must make a high-quality application and must stay active, or they will be stripped of their magic.

  • Celestial Spirit/Stellar Spirit: (0/12)
  • Requip: (0/0) - rules incomplete thus can not be acquired at the moment

  • Take-Over: (0/0) - rules incomplete thus can not be acquired at the moment

Ancient Magic:
 Ancient Magic is a form of extremely powerful magic that has been lost to the ages (hence Ancient Magic) and grants its users incredible strength and skill. As such, there are much more stringent procedures for gaining one; you must display a TOP-NOTCH character application (going above the minimums and going into extreme detail) in order to obtain an ancient magic.

  • 1st Dragon Slayer: (0/5)
  • 2nd Dragon Slayer: (0/5)
  • Dragon Rider: (1/4)

Konstantin Sokolov
NOTE: All these magics have be heavily looked upon and "nerfed" by developing systems for most of them. Yes, this all sounds very boring to you people, however They are still very versatile in their own ways, although not overpowered as i.e Crash, they can deal quite the advantage for the user.

Also note for Magic application in general:
If you think your magic is nerfed too much, take it up with the Staff and explain your views, try to bring up a respectful discussion about it. However the Staff always have the final say, which means that if you continue to argue despite Staff saying their final say, you will be denied the magic.
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Limited Magic
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