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 Spells Guidelines [WIP]

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Konstantin Sokolov
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Spells Guidelines [WIP] Left_bar_bleue1500/1500Spells Guidelines [WIP] Empty_bar_bleue  (1500/1500)

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PostSubject: Spells Guidelines [WIP]   Spells Guidelines [WIP] EmptyMon Feb 24, 2014 1:11 am

In section we will discuss everything spells related: training/learning spells and number of spell slots a character can have, the spells cost, damage that each spell can cause, what each spell can block, area/size, speed, range and healing using spells.

  • Initially all the character's magics when first acquired start off with 5 starter spells, 4 D ranks and 1 C rank, these starters do not need to be trained, this excludes certain magics though for more information read them to thoroughly to identify the differences. 
  • These 5 starter spells do not count towards their spell slot apart from the magic item spell slots.
  • Each spell must be submitted into the spell application section prior to use and before starting on training them.


So you are at the point where you want new spells? Great! That's awesome, here is how you do it:
You will need to train spells on this forum. There will be possibilities to buy spell slots here and there, but how it generally works is you train spells. Get used to it, don't wait to buy spell slots. Anyway, here are the word requirements for each spell rank: You can however, only train spells that are either your rank or lower, and of course only as much until your spell pool is filled up.

D-Rank Spells: A total of 500 words, despite the posts.
C-Rank Spells: A total of 750 words, despite the posts.
B-Rank Spells: A total of 1000 words, despite the posts.
A-Rank Spells: A total of 1250 words, despite the posts.
S-Rank Spells: A total of  1500 words, despite the posts.
SS-Rank Spells: A total of 2000 words, despite the posts.
Master Rank Spells: A total of 2500 words, despite the posts.

You will apply your Spell training threads in the Training Application Section. (link) Always label Spell Training with [Spell Training Thread] or similar.

Spells Slots are limited by both the ranks of the character and an amount of spells which goes as follows: (In the event that a character has companion or summoning magic, These spells slots are must be used when creating spells for companions and summons.)

D rank Spells: 5
C rank Spells: 8
B rank Spells: 12
A rank Spells: 17
S rank Spells: 23
SS rank Spells: 30
Master rank Spells: 38

Spell costs are largely fixed. Here is generally how the costs are handled:
D Rank spells: 100
C Rank Spells:  250
B Rank Spells: 500
A Rank Spells: 750
S Rank Spells: 1500
SS Rank spells: 2000
Master Rank Spells: 2500

Note: MP costs do not have effects on the damage a spell can do only it's rank, the variance in spell cost is largely associated with supplementary spells.

Effects per rank is as listed in this link:

D rank Spells: can cause slight bruising, scraps, capable of cutting to dermis 1st degree burn, first signs of 1st degree frostbite. (As a defensive spell can block 1 D rank spell)
C rank Spells:  can cause significant levels of bruising, capable of cutting to muscle, 2nd degree burns, early signs of 2nd degree frostbite (As a defensive spell can block 1 C rank or 2 D rank spell)
B rank Spells: 3rd degree burns (As a defensive spell can block 1 B rank or 2 C rank or 4 D rank spell)
A rank Spells: can cause 4th degree burns as well as create instant 2nd degree and partial 3rd degree frostbite, capable of fracturing major bones without buffs or other variable, (As a defensive spell can block 1 A rank or 2 B rank or 4 C rank or 8 D rank spell)
S rank Spells:  5th degree burns (As a defensive spell can block 1 S rank or 2 A rank or 4 B rank or 8 C rank or 16 D rank spell)
SS rank Spells: One of the most difficult ranks to reach it is capable of causing instant 6th degree burns and 3rd degree frostbite and fracture even enhanced bones. (As a defensive spell can block 1 SS rank or 2 S rank or 4 A rank or 8 B rank or 16 C rank or or 32 D rank spell)
Master rank Spells: The highest possible ranking of spells capable of allowing the character to essential cause complete destruction of any and all matter. (As a defensive spell can block 1 Master rank or 2 SS rank or 4 S rank or 8 A rank or 16 B rank or 32 C rank or 64 D rank spell)

For further information read these:

This is a guide to injuries which include things like burns, frostbite, lightning strike, fractures, The guide was created largely due to a large number of roleplayers misunderstanding the terminology (What things are), This is also a guide of types of injuries that are shown in the buff system under endurance.

Burns System:


Fractures "Broken Bone":

Sizes of spells per rank: (How big the total amount of spell can be)

D rank spells: 1 metre x 1 metre x 1 metre
C rank spells: 2.5 metres x 2.5 metre x 2.5 metre
B rank spells: 5 metres  x 5 metre x 5 metre
A rank spells: 10 metres  x 10 metre x 10 metre
S rank spells: 25 metres  x 25 metre x 25 metre
SS rank spells: 50 metres  x 50 metre x 50 metre
Master rank spells: 100 metres  x 100 metre x 100 metre

Units allowed for spells per rank: ( the total amount objects the spell create, size of spell must be taken into consideration for example the large the amount of units the smaller they will be and thus the lower damage they will do.)

D rank spells: 10
C rank spells: 15
B rank spells: 25
A rank spells: 50
S rank spells: 75
SS rank spells: 100
Master rank spells: 125

Range of Spell per rank: (How far each spell is capable of effect)

D rank spells: 100 meters
C rank spells: 250 meters
B rank spells: 0.5 kilometers
A rank spells: 1 kilometer
S rank spells: 2 kilometers
SS rank spells: 5 kilometers
Master rank spells: 10 kilometers

Speed of Spells per rank: (How fast each spell can travel)

D rank spells: 10 metres per second

C rank spells: 20 metres per second
B rank spells: 30 metres per second
A rank spells: 40 metres per second
S rank spells: 50 metres per second
SS rank spells: 75 metres per second
Master rank spells: 100 metres per second

In order to work healing magic with the magic guidelines various wounds require various strengths of healing spells, for example a minor wound e.g a first degree burn (D rank spell) requires a C rank spell, while a secondary (B rank spell) needs requires an A rank spell or equivalent strength e.g two B ranks, meanwhile a third degree and fractures both require an S rank spell, Healing can occur instantaneously (if the spell heals the wound entirely) or overtime (if it is not sufficient or written per spell template)
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Spells Guidelines [WIP]
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