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 Dragon Slayer plan

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Konstantin Sokolov
Konstantin Sokolov

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PostSubject: Dragon Slayer plan   Dragon Slayer plan EmptySun Feb 23, 2014 1:39 pm

Dragon Slayer Magic
Now that you have all the basic magic crap down, it's time to go over (epic gasp) Dragon slayer magic rules! Now, as you know, Slayers are known to be able to consume their own element in and out of battle with no harm done to their bodies. Oh no! I digress; back to eating. A Dragon slayer may NOT eat every same element attack that comes their way. What they can and cannot eat depends on the delicacy spell's rank. Buffs that eating spells offer also depend on the rank of the player and the rank of the spell. Allow me to detail this here.

Player eats lower-ranked spell: Buff is applied, no malignant side effects.
Player eats same-ranked spell: Buff is applied, but the player receives stomach cramps and feels a burning pain in his abdomen.
Player eats spell one rank higher: Buff is not applied, player feels significant burning in abdomen and significant stomach cramps.
Player eats spell two ranks higher: Buff is not applied, player feels significant burning in abdomen and cramps (same as above.) However, he now finds breathing difficult and is struck by distracting headaches.
Player eats spell three ranks higher: Buff not applied, player receives all effects from above, movement and body abilities reduced by 30%.
Player eats spell four ranks higher: Player is knocked unconscious.

An exception to this is X-rank spells; they CANNOT be eaten. Doing so results in the effect of the character eating a spell four ranks higher than his own.

Now let's look at buffs you gain for eating spells, by rank.

D-rank: Recover 10 Mana, +25 speed and strength points for 3 posts.
C-rank: Recover 20 Mana, +50 speed and strength points for 3 posts, + 25 endurance points for 2 posts.
B-rank: Recover 30 Mana, +100 speed and strength points for 4 turns, + 50 endurance points for 3 posts.
A-rank: Recover 50 Mana, +200 speed and strength points for 5 posts, +100 endurance points for 4 posts.
S-rank: Recover 100 Mana, +300 speed and strength points for 5 posts, +200 endurance points for 5 posts.
SS-rank: RECOVER FULL MANA, +400 speed and strength points for 6 posts, ignore all damage for 1 post and +300 endurance points for the next 4.
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Dragon Slayer plan
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