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 Celestial Spirit Rules WIP

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Tori Lancaster
Tori Lancaster

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PostSubject: Celestial Spirit Rules WIP   Celestial Spirit Rules WIP EmptyThu Feb 13, 2014 1:07 pm

Celestial Spirit summoning is going to have some similarities and some differences to other magics. As we all know, this magic allows you to summon Spirits from the Celestial World to come to your aid. This is a very simple system. THIS MAGIC CANNOT BE SELECTED AS A SECONDARY OR TERTIARY MAGIC.

  • A starting mage will have 2 keys. 1 Gold and 1 Silver. It is possible to acquire more keys over time through events or from the Celestial Key Shoppe. If a Spirit is claimed by another user, there is no way to acquire that Spirit unless the character loses the magic for whatever reason.
  • Celestial Spirits will have ranks that scale with the user. For a starting member at D rank, Silver keys will be D rank and Gold keys will be at C rank.
  • Normally, a mage will start out with so many spells and that is essentially true with this magic. You get 5 spells that you will distribute among your Spirits appropriate to their magics. In the event you have a Spirit with multiple magics (such as Virgo with Earth and Chain magic), you select which magic you want the spell to go under. It is perfectly possible to decide not to use one of the Spirit's magics and focus solely on a single one.
  • When acquiring a key, there are steps one must take before making the spells for that Spirit. You must summon the Spirit and make the contract with it before you will be allowed to make the Spirit's spells. This will be a very easy concept to follow. In the event you buy the key, your jewels will be deducted from your profile and you will be free to make your contract. You must then link that topic back to the shop where you bought the key. At that point, you will be allowed to give your Spirits their spells.
  • As far as spell restrictions for Spirits go, there aren't many but the few there are very important. Normally, a member can have spells one rank higher than his own. This is still true here since a starting D rank CS has a C rank Spirit. They can have spells above their own rank too, but it cannot exceed one rank above yours. To put it simply, a Spirit can only have spells at higher rank if it is the same rank as the user.
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Celestial Spirit Rules WIP
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