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 | Avery-Grace Harper | WIP |

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PostSubject: | Avery-Grace Harper | WIP |    | Avery-Grace Harper | WIP |  EmptyMon Feb 10, 2014 1:45 pm

Character Name: Avery-Grace Harper

Nickname: Ave, Avery, Blue.

| Avery-Grace Harper | WIP |  Averyfull_zpsa5699b6a


General Personality: To describe this young woman in a nutshell would be very hard indeed. First and foremost, the way she acts mostly to the outside world is very different to any other side of her persona. She is outwardly very boisterous and characteristically cheeky, but leaning more to the sarcastic and almost scathing side as opposed to ‘merely in good fun’. While she is always very open with everyone she meets, she is also very careful to keep people at arms-length, not revealing many sensitive details about herself beyond the very basics. She does very well to hide this fact, as she skims entirely over her background and where she originates from, as she overcompensates to always steer conversation away from that area specifically. Avery is always happy to be in the company of others, more specifically those that she finds sentimental and friendship value within, but she savours her time alone too. After spending a great portion of her life alone, or with very little company whatsoever, she has learnt how to occupy herself and make good usage of her time entirely. She enjoys reading fantasy novels, and this is the only genre she will indeed give a read; except for action and thriller books occasionally, which sit well with her openly violent nature. While she will not admit it, she likes tales and folklore that involve Elven beings, because of her name’s derivation. The stories that she remembered being told by her mother as a child have stayed with her, and the reasons for why her name came forth.

Contrary to the adjoined name that she has of ‘Grace’, there is nothing befitting that description about her. She is overly bold and almost masculine in the way she conducts herself, and the only time that one may call her somewhat graceful is when she fights somebody. Although her style is entirely messed up and mashed together, the fluidity in which she carries it out make it almost seem aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

And yes, most notably, Avery is a tomboy. Not even slightly. If she didn’t wear a skirt or a dress of some kind, one could very easily mistake her to be male if not for her long, well-kept hair. She picks fights even when they are not needed, and does so over such pitiful things at times. She seems to have a thing about coming out on top, as the dominant, controlling force; much like animals would do in a pack as they asserted their Alpha status. She often sports some kinds of ‘war wounds’ from her constant street fights and ability to make trouble out of next to nothing, which explains why her limbs and face are often covered with bandages or other things to help them heal. Due to her constantly doing so, her body had grown accustomed to it and thus allows the minor wounds like scratches and cuts to heal quicker.

This can be related to her persona in the way that she bounces back from things very quickly, and not much can happen now that doesn’t faze her. No matter what is thrown at her in a fight, while she may be inwardly surprised and scrabble to find a counter-attack, she will not show it outwardly. Similarly, it takes a lot to amaze her, and she is not easily scared either. She constantly hides behind a mask of indifference and strength, something which is a façade that she built to avoid herself being trampled on like she was in her youth. Her only other noteworthy emotions aside from her pre-set of unbelievably boisterous mode, is her anger; more specifically, how serious she truly becomes. She has the tendency to flare up at small things, but this anger is more in jest, and she never means any harm by it. Should a person touch on areas where they are not welcome, or cause harm to anyone that she holds dear, they have made an enemy for the rest of their life. Avery will not rest until she has beaten the very pulp out of anyone that does as much, for she is fiercely loyal and protective, much like a dog is to its owner. No matter what the odds, or the chances of winning, she will head into a situation in the hope to protect one dear to her.

Underneath her harsh, steel-like exterior and habit of beating on most things, she is a kind and very forgiving young woman. Avery used to be too ‘soft’ and ‘kind’ as a child, and thus had to learn quickly how to shut that away when she was alone in the unforgiving world around her. If one were to break through her walls and truly try to befriend her and be around her, they would not regret it. She has a good balance between softness, kindness, stern attitude, loyalty and humour that make her a good friend, or perhaps more than that, depending on what took the person’s fancy. The latter would take a lot of effort and dedication, more so than good, honest friendship. She is very well-learned in her wiles as a woman, and how to use them to advantage. On top of that, she is openly and naturally very flirty around the opposite gender, a habit which she developed as part of her way to gather self-assurance. It also masks her own insecurities quite well by being so open about everything sexual.

She tends to have a very blunt mannerism about things, and while others would probably try to beat around the bush to be more tactful in typical speech, Avery would cut straight to the chase and say things as they were. A lot of these things tend to be quite explicit in nature, and makes all around her blush crimson with embarrassment. If she develops an attraction for someone, she is the type to deny it fiercely, making her fit very well within the Tsundere category. But it becomes very obvious, especially with the closer she becomes to the person, as she chooses to willingly defend them and not allow them to fight on her behalf. She is a very independent young woman, and confident in herself, something which does attract a lot of young men, but sends them packing when they realise just how fierce she is outwardly. There’s a point to which how sexy a girl can be if they’re ‘feisty’.

It goes without saying that she is not one of the academic field, but she possesses a lot of common sense to make up for it, and can learn things very quickly indeed. Her intelligence does indeed lie in many different fields, but she will instinctively call herself stupid for not being as academically minded as most that she meets. She is, however, intensely creative and makes all of her own spells for her magic. An outlet for this creativity of hers is (alongside creating spells of her own) the reading mentioned earlier, to feed her imagination, and occasionally filling a sketchpad with elaborate drawings.

Quite the enigma all wrapped up in one petite young woman.


  • Reading; More specifically, she enjoys reading novels detailing fantasy folklore and tales of olden days. She also enjoys a good thriller read from time to time, and doesn't get scared very easily so she can even endure scary horror stories.
  • Good company; Those that respect her need for space and yet enjoy her sarcastic, dry sense of humour fit under this category. That being said, she does enjoy being around people in general from time to time. Not everyone can be a loner forever.
  • Fights; Avery relishes the prospect of a good scuffle, rather frequently indeed. More specifically, she likes winning them, and will not rest until she does.
  • Winning; Leading on from the last point, she has a very, very, very, VERY competitive streak. She cannot stand losing as she feels that it is a weakness in herself, and all she wants to do is be strong and dependable.
  • Sketching; A pastime she indulged in due to having so much free time to herself, Avery enjoys observing things and sketching them out. Her skill isn't of much note, aside from her uncanny ability to look at things once and be able to do a decent sketch of it afterwards.
  • Training; What better way to make herself better and stronger? She loves feeling the burn of a good workout session, or creating new spells for herself to become a better mage.





Height: 5'7"
Weight: 124lbs
Body Shape: Avery is a very thin, wiry girl with slender limbs and a toned body overall. She is notably underweight for her age and height, and could do with gaining some fat to pad her out a bit more. As she is, she appears to be all bone and nothing more.

Hair: In spite of her very tomboyish attitude and tendencies, Avery has long, bright cyan/ greenish hair. She keeps it well kept and styled in two long pigtails, mostly, and is rarely seen with it down whatsoever. Her bangs cover most of her forehead and skim down the sides of her face, but she will often pin them out of the way otherwise.

Defining Characteristics:

Adaptability; There doesn't seem to be much that phases Avery any more. No matter the situation, she will undoubtedly not even bat an eyelid before charging in to face the problems head on.
Fisticuffs; Following her family's fall from grace, she had to learn very quickly how to defend herself. She became proficient in street fighting, using underhanded tricks and any means necessary to win. She follows no particular pattern when she fights hand-to-hand, which makes her difficult opponent to fight.
Natural Immunity; For whatever reason, Avery has always been prone to fight diseases better than most. This can also explains why wounds that are inflicted to her seem to heal faster than normal.

Apparel: Also quite contradictory with her tomboyish demeanour is the clothing that she tends to wear. Her most typical outfit (as pictures above) consists of a crisp white blouse, over which she always wears a black pullover, a pinkish/ red skirt, a pair of black knee-highs and sensible (almost dowdy) brown slip-on shoes. She has her reasons for being overly girlie and sensible, and this is due to her upbringing; how she was always told to dress as a proper lady. She does so now out of rebellion, by being who she truly is and mocking the way she dresses quite openly. If she does not wear the typical outfit of almost school girl-like qualities, she will instead wear other formal types of attire. It depends on her overall mood at the time, as it does with most individuals when looking through their wardrobe.


Rank: D

Guild: Lamia Scale

Magic Name: Should be obvious
Magic Type: Caster, Holder or Companion. If you don't know what those two are, go check in the Magic Guidelines (link)
Item Link: FOR HOLDER ONLY. In case you have a holder magic, give a link to your item here so we can double check on it.
Companion Link: FOR COMPANION type, in case you have a companion magic, give a link to your chosen companion so we can double check it,
Magic Description: Describe your magic in detail. How it works, any important historical information you want to add, what it's capabilities are etc.
Fighting Style: (Optional) Here you can expand on a little paragraph about your personal fighting style. Do you use a martial arts in combination with your magic? A weapon together with caster magic?
Strengths: WHEN and HOW is your magic strong? What are it's specific uses?
Weaknesses: WHEN and HOW is your magic weak? What are specific weaknesses that apply to your magic?


History: Here, write a minimum of a 500 word paragraph pertaining to your character's history. You MAY NOT use canon characters (Characters from the series, like Natsu, Gray, Erza, etc. etc) in your history as the current date is X901. Make sure your history is nice and detailed; this gives the reviewer more information about what kind of person your character is due to his past, and how the character's personality has been shaped by it.
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| Avery-Grace Harper | WIP |
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