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 Darion Steinheil WIP

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Darion Steinheil

[color=#c8c8c8]The Dark Nobleman

Darion Steinheil WIP 73900


General Personality: Darion is a calm, calculating and cynical man. He will do anything to achieve his own goals and agendas, even if it required sacrifing his comrades and the ones that falsely believe themselfs to be his allies.

He has very few emotions and rarely shows any face expression, he is also a very conservative, arrogant and elitistic man who thinks that one group of people are superior to all other humans and that the mages that has the power and the means to rule all should use their powers to make themselfs masters over all others, why let the weak reign?

He thinks low on people who defines things into 'good' and 'bad' beacuse there is no good or
bad, only power and you should use whatever power you have to bring yourself forward and if possible, make yourself a god. Darion firmly believes in this and so often helps people who shares the same visions, the same goals as he himself have, for a price of course.

He despises the weak and will gladly put weaker people in place if they get cocky towards him or anyone like him but if he is faced with a stronger opponent he will yield, after all then it is himself who is weak compared. The Creation of a New World Order where Mages are the undisputed rulers is the primary goal.

To hide his true apperances (since his personality is abit abnormal to other people) he usually actes nice and well during first time meetings but when they have earned his trust or it is old family friends/members, battle and things like that he will reveal his true colours. Darion uses his red eyes to intimidate most people, he thinks this sort of thing is hilarious.


  • Whisky: He has always been fond of strong alchohol, therefore whisky became a favorite.
  • Fencing: He has been training at fencing his entire life, and has gradually become fond of swining a sword, and of course using it on other people.
  • Debating: He loves to debate as he views it as a way to bring other people to join his ultimate goal.
  • New World Order: He wants to bring about a new order, the "Magical World". In this world, the rightful rulers, the mages, will take their rightful place as Masters.
  • Money: Beacause come on, who does not like money?


  • Non-mages: He dislikes non-mages, due to the simple fact that he views them as inferior to himself.
  • People who define good & bad: There is no good or bad in Darion's thinking. All opinions are universal, nothing is wrong or right, all is wrong or right.
  • Fairy Tail: He despises Fairy Tail due to two reasons: First beacuse they are a chaotic bunch that disrespects law and order, secondly beacuse they are Light mages.
  • Anarchism: Everything should be kept in order. Rather ironic considering he is a Dark mage, however in his mind, he is not breaking law and order. He is mererly improving them until the rightful rulers come into control.
  • Bugs: Nasty little critters, despiseful and ugly.


  • Death: He is very afraid of dying as he wants to continue living. As long as possible.
  • Losing his magic: If he ever loses his magical powers completely, he will become just what he despises. A non-mage.
  • Massacre on mages: He fears that an impending genocide on all mages is approaching. He wants to prevent this by bringing down the non-magic upstarts.
  • Spiders: He dislikes these bugs with an utmost disgust, he however is more afraid of them than he hates them. Why? He has had some minor incidents with spiders in the past, namely when he was little and he woke up with one staring right at him, sitting on his chest.


  • Creation of a New Order: He strives to  bring down the current rule of -at least- Fiore, and establish a new order: A new order ruled only by Mages, whom he view as superior.
  • The degrading of Non-mages, and in the end a final resolve: Once the mages have taken over power, all non-mages will finally realise who their masters are, and bow down to them. Once the mage population is satisfyingly large enough, the non-mages will have little use and be disposed off.
  • Rise of the Steinheils: His family, The Steinheils, are an ancient family, dating as far back as over six hundred years. They became fioran nobility four hundred years ago, and are one of the oldest, if not The oldest noble family alive. In Darion's mind, this is a good reason for why they should ascend to the throne in the New Order.
  • Power: Darion strives to become as powerful as he can. Therefore, he goes in search of magical artifacts, he trains, goes on missions, and will do most things to achieve ultimate magical power.  


This is obviously where you detail your character's physical appearance.

Height: 180 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Body Shape: Darion is rather slim, even though he has muscles it is of that kind that does not really show. Of course, if he takes off his clothes you will see his muscles, but you get the point.

Hair:Darion has night black hair as well as two hairstyles. Most of the time, he usually has his hair in a long "Ponytail" with two extreme long hair strings in front of his face. The other hairstyle he has rarely, and usually when on a very fancy party or such. That hairstyle is back slicked and no ponytail.

Defining Characteristics:

  • Hand to Hand combat: Trained in martial arts since he could walk, he has become quite adaptable at it. Some consider him a master in the techniques, even if his physics are lacking.
  • Fencing: Like with the martial arts, he has trained in sword fencing since he could walk.
  • Speaks a language that is available only to the Steinheil family and allies: There is a special language that only the Steinheil family members are taught.

Apparel: Darion's normal attire consists of white shirt, with pants, white socks, white shoes, white coat, a white feodora and a white costume jacket, and the only thing that he wears that is not white is the tie which as the colour of light purple which unlike many believe fits the attire perfectly. He also have a white neckcloth that he always wears outside and when it is windy the coat and the neckcloth will move and give a theatrical impression. On special occasions he is dressed in a white smoking with a red tie and he usually have a red rose in one of the button holes. Then he also has a pure black clothing: mostly black expensive costumes, black shoes, when outside and it is sunny he wears black sunglasses. He also has a black cape when he is outside but when he is inside he takes of the cape. He also has a black fur coat.


Rank: D

Guild: Obscurus Vipera

Magic Name: Darkness Magic
Magic Type: Caster
Magic Description:Darkness magic is a type of magic which allows users to manipulate and control destructive dark magic. This magic has a physical form used for destroying objects, blocking enemies' attacks and picking up objects. The colour of the magic varies depending on the caster (red, purple, black, green, etc). Users typically shape their attacks into the form of ghostly apparitions, which they can use in various ways. Because of the very malicious nature of this magic which tends to complement the sinister nature of its users, it is known to make people physically ill and cold in nature.

This magic can be used for offensive, defensive, utility and support purposes. For example, Darion can create shields, he can cast offensive spells, he can cast buffs, he can use Darkness magic to "fly" (more like hover). He can also use the Darkness magic to corrupt and twist his body and transform it. It is unknown if there are any magic's weak to Darkness Magic or if Darkness Magic is weak to any magic. Darion's Darkness magic varies from dark purple. His magic also comes with a standard seal, but all spells that Darion consider special.
Strengths: TBA
Weaknesses: TBA


Darion Steinheil was born and raised in the wealthy and nobel family of Steinheil. The Steinheil family is what is called "Dark Nobles", a family of nobility that consists and has consisted for a long time of (mostly) dark mages, however there are a few rare occasions were a member of the family has decided to become a light mage and forsake the dark mage path and everytime that has happened that family member have more or less been exiled from the family (officialy).

Darion is not one of these occasions and since he was a child he has gladly obeyed his father's commands and done things that have either caused pain, death, humiliation and those sorts of thing to other people, animals and to himself and so he has been (Even among his elders) been feared as well as respected.

The Steinheil family had earned the "Dark Nobles" title also due to the fact that they were one of the strongest and most loyal supporters of the Dark mage Zeref.

The scar across his right eye he got during a sword spar with his father.

Darion had been born with the "Eyes of the Demon" and so he early showed a great affection towards the use of magic, his father Wilhelm began teaching him about various magics mostly Elemental magics but also abit about other types of magic like Celestial and even Lost magic.

This in particular caught Darion's eye and so he tried to gain more information about it even though it was mostly forgotten, it was mostly mentioned in the various magic books the family had in the huge library. The day came when Darion was 12, now infront of his father he had to choose a magic to use, Darion thought long and hard and decided that he wanted to learn the same magic as his father had, Elemental Darkness Magic.

One night on Darion's 18th birthday Darion was summoned to the training court outside the Steinheil Mansion and when he arrived there he could see the entire Steinheil family surrounding the training are, all of them wearing black clothes and many of them had different marks which he could see was guild marks.

Darion looked to his front and could see that his father was standing on a balcony above the training court, his father told him that to prove himself worthy to be the heir he had to show undisputable loyalty, coldness, intelligence and cruelty.

Wilhelm snapped his fingers and Darion's cousin Mark, a boy the same age who had refused to become a Dark mage was walking out from one of the openings, they stared at each other and so Wilhelm said "Kill him my son. Prove your worth.", one of the servants came up with a long object a swordcane, a gift from his father, Darion unsheated the balde and on one side it said "Serpens" and on the other side "There is no right or wrong, only Power and if you are too weak to take it then you will Die".

Darion began to walk to his cousin who did not move a muscle and after 5 minutes Darion was standing face to face with him, the cousin who Darion had played with was awaiting his death and so in a blink of an eye Darion said in a low voice "Farewell" and sliced Mark's head off.

It was quiet for a moment and then the entire Family started to applaud and his father Wilhelm rose up, stared at the audience and said to his son "Well done. You have proven youself worthy, now you are a TRUE member of the Steinheil Family!" and so he was officialy recognised as the heir to the family.
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Darion Steinheil WIP
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