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 Magic Types

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PostSubject: Magic Types   Magic Types EmptyMon Feb 03, 2014 4:59 am

In the following are all the different types of magic will be explained.

Caster Magic is generally classified as the simpler and better one of the two types. Caster Magic is all magic that uses a mage's body as it's medium, to utilize magic energy to achieve various effects. It functions completely without the help of any object and can be used just with the body. There are very little restrictions to a caster type magic. But the problem with caster magic is that while it is extremely simple and has little restrictions, it's extent of power is limited due to it's broad span of possibilities and often rather large subjects of application, such as elements. Water magic is an extremely broad region of magic that can apply to anything that incorporates water. But with the extreme span of possibilities comes as implied, a certain lack of power.

Holder magic conducts it's various effects through the use of a specific object. It doesn't use the body as a medium, but uses tools or weapons to achieve it's results. These Holder items can be used without using any form of magic for example a person may have a sword for a holder item, the downside to this is that is destroyed or dropped you will lose that magic. if you want a Holder Magic you will have to apply a holder item in the fitting section. Beneath you can find the Holder Item Template.

Companion Magic is a type of magic where the character gets their magic from their pet also known as companions, similar to how a second generation Dragon Slayer gets their magic from a lacrima. This form of magic carries a great risk in that if the pet is knocked out or weakened in a topic the character may lose or have their magic weakened as well, because companions don't count as combative pets and they can't be killed without owner consent, but companion magic will still not be allowed to have combative pets. These pets can learn spells and use them along with the spells that the character has learnt as long as they from them, these spells go towards spell slots for the character. This is one of the few types of magic which must be start as a primary. Similar to how Holder items scale with the character in rank e.g D rank mage has a D rank companion. An additional application for the companion must be made here: Companion Template. This template must be edited each time the character gains in rank to list the change of size and allocation of stat points. here is a link for an example of a companion based magic: Dragon Rider System

Size limits of companions are as follows:
(Essentially the same limits of spells)

D rank: 1 metre (W) x 1 metre (H) x 1 metre (L)
C rank: 2.5 metres (W) x 2.5 metre (H) x 2.5 metre (L)
B rank: 5 metres (W) x 5 metre (H) x 5 metre (L)
A rank: 10 metres (W) x 10 metre (H) x 10 metre (L)
S rank: 25 metres (W) x 25 metre (H) x 25 metre (L)
SS rank: 50 metres (W) x 50 metre (H) x 50 metre (L)
X rank: 75 metres (W) x 75 metre (H) x 75 metre (L)
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Magic Types
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