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 Dragon Rider System

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PostSubject: Dragon Rider System   Dragon Rider System EmptySun Feb 02, 2014 10:07 am

Companion Magic is a type of magic where the character gets their magic from their pet also known as companions, similar to how a second generation Dragon Slayer gets their magic from a lacrima. This form of magic carries a great risk in that if the pet is knocked out or weakened in a topic the character may lose or have their magic weakened as well, because companions don't count as combative pets and they can't be killed without owner consent, but companion magic will still not be allowed to have combative pets. These pets can learn spells and use them along with the spells that the character has learnt as long as they from them, these spells go towards spell slots for the character. This is one of the few types of magic which must be start as a primary. Similar to how Holder items scale with the character in rank e.g D rank mage has a D rank companion. An additional application for the companion must be made here: Companion Template. This template must be edited each time the character gains in rank to list the change of size and allocation of stat points. Below the size limits is information on the Dragon Rider magic which is a limited magic which could be compared to Dragon Slayer or Celestial Spirits meaning only 12 people can have it

*Please note that you are not allowed to preform a Unison Raid with your pet unless you are C-Rank and higher. You must also be using a similar spell that is of the same rank. If you perform more then one Unison Raid per thread with your pet, it will tire to the point of utter exhaustion. Therefore, you may only do a Unison Raid with your companion at once time during a thread.*

Size restricts of companions per rank are as follows:

D rank: 1 metre (W) x 1 metre (H) x 1 metre (L)
C rank: 2.5 metres (W) x 2.5 metre (H) x 2.5 metre (L)
B rank: 5 metres (W) x 5 metre (H) x 5 metre (L)
A rank: 10 metres (W) x 10 metre (H) x 10 metre (L)
S rank: 25 metres (W) x 25 metre (H) x 25 metre (L)
SS rank: 50 metres (W) x 50 metre (H) x 50 metre (L)
X rank: 75 metres (W) x 75 metre (H) x 75 metre (L)

Dragon Riding is a unique form of magic which originates from the Pergrande Kingdom, this magic causes a person and a dragon to form deep, life-long bond which intertwines their very souls, this bond grants the rider their ability to use magic, that Riders don't have any magic power themselves but instead channel the power of the dragons through them for short times, due to the magic originating from the bond of the dragon they are relatively weak initially, gradually becoming more stronger as the dragon progress. This dragon is not the one spoken of in stories with dragon slayers, but are instead a sub-species. These dragons were formerly an enemy of the Pergrande Kingdom until the natives of the land called giants began to attack them forcing them to become allies. While the dragon rider magic originates there, there are several seen throughout the Earthland including Fiore as well as unhatched eggs for potential riders.

These Dragons attribute themselves to one of the major elements, due to the various numbers of dragon eggs there can be several dragons that use the same element, Dragon Riders are affected in the same way in that their magic attributes to the same element. Becoming a Dragon rider begins when their dragon egg hatches after the character has gained 5000 experience and completing an hatch thread. The Dragon can first fly at B rank when they have begun to develop their wings, but it is only when they reach A rank they can carry a person. They are capable of learning their own spells and have their own unique personality, along with the rider. The dragon scales with the character's rank going in both size, strength and abilities. Each Dragon uses a magic element from the element table which can be read on the rules and guidelines, unlike Dragon Slayers, Dragon Riders are unable consume magic attached to an element additionally they can not enter Dragon Force stage. Dragon Riders must create and complete an additional application for their dragon just like any other companion based magic. For the benefit of the character a table of the height, length, weight, wingspan for an average sized dragons are listed below for the various ranks. (Sizes of Dragons don't need to strictly follow this list)

D Rank
Height: 50 cm
Length: 75 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Wingspan: 90 cm

C Rank
Height: 75 cm
Length: 1.25 metres
Weight: 75 kg
Wingspan: 4 metres

B Rank
Height: 1.25 metres
Length: 2 metres
Weight: 150 kg
Wingspan: 8 metres

A Rank
Height: 1.75 metres
Length: 5 metres
Weight: 225 kg
Wingspan: 15 metres

S Rank
Height: 3 metres
Length: 7.5 metres
Weight: 450 kg
Wingspan: 20 metres

SS rank
Height: 5 metres
Length: 12.5 metres
Weight: 750 kg
Wingspan: 35 metres

X rank
Height: 7.5 metres
Length: 20 metres
Weight: 1000 kg
Wingspan: 50 metres
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Dragon Rider System
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