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 Elemental list

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PostSubject: Elemental list   Elemental list EmptySun Jan 26, 2014 1:36 pm

I will in the following present all the elements in short paragraphs so you can find more about the nature and function of each element. These descriptions are not absolute and I'm sure there will be a lot of creative uses of all the elements, my presentations are merely guidelines to which you can fall back for inspiration or general knowledge about the elemental function if you're not sure.

Fire: An aggressive and forceful element. It's properties speak for itself. Hot and scorching this element is one that is usually lined up with people who are emotional and have a strong will. It's powerful and aggressive nature turn it into a good weapon for straightforward combat. Very basic and easy in use , it's possibilities of execution are very high. Fire, as a dynamic element, is one of the more powerful ones in terms of destructive force. It is usually associated with power, destruction, aggression and will.

Lightning: Equal to fire in terms of force this element has speed on it's side. With it's offensive and quick nature, it is a strong weapon for open & straight combat. It's devastating power is great, making it one of the most explosive elements. Along with the electrocuting ability, this is an element that concentrates on strength and destructive force. Suffering in versatility though, lightning's form is usually just destructive. It's associated with power, destruction and recklessness.

Water: The sheer versatility of this element make it incalculable. It's mass and applicability make this weapon quite the tool to surprise your opponents with versatile and complex spells. It's strength may not seem as great as that of fire or lightning, because it loses in terms of speed to other elements. But being easy to cast, this element is often summoned in much greater quantity than others, which can make it more devastating than fire or lightning could. This element is usually associated with chaos, tactics, creativity and accuracy.

Ice: A sub-element of water that has turned into an individually strong element. Being a static element, it's cold properties along with it's calm appearance make it a good weapon for stationary and outward combat. Quick and often not directly offensive, this element is extremely practical and has a high variety of effects along with strong and and great effects rather than direct application. It is usually associated with readiness, deadliness, creativity and strategy.

Earth: Standing well in offense and extremely solid in defense, this element combines sturdiness with versatility. It's mass and sturdy kind of strength make it a good weapon for defensive and tanking combat. Being easy to understand and not even needed to summon because of it's omnipresence for mages, it is a quite basic element that finds good applicability with enduring and physically strong mages. With different effects and a heavy and strong nature it is somewhat popular to learn. It is usually associated with calamity, strength, protection and size.

Iron: Another sub-element of Earth, it is an individual element by now. Concentrating on raw physical aspects, it surpasses earth in offensive properties, but much more important excels in comparison to all other elements in defensive aspects. It's highest sturdiness make it difficult to counter without the right strength. Being a purely static element, Iron needs a lot of physical prowess to find good applicability. But when someone is able to use it, it can be one of the best weapons for combat and one of the most defensive elements. It is usually associated with sturdiness, immovability and hardness.

Wind: A strong and supportive element. Being very basic wind can have quite the high power output and at the same time extreme supportive value. This element combines strong, versatile and supportive aspects, making it a good combat element without high complexity. It can be compressed into very small forms that can be extremely destructive or take big, expansive forms. It can take on healing or physically enhancing forms through it's magical properties of dynamic influence on magic energy. It is usually associated with freedom, flexibility, agility and destruction.

Darkness/Shadow: A very raw form of magical energy imbued with an aggressive and negative intent. It is the manifestation of aggressiveness, hate and other feelings people would label as “negative”. Overall this is a form of raw magical energy tries to balance its attributes instead of concentrating it on raw strength. It possesses engulfing and swallowing properties which make it dangerous to non-physical elements which use raw power along with properties to attack. It is a good tool for a balanced and creative combat style. This element is usually associated with chaos, variety and by most with evil.

Light/Holy: Being a manifestation of raw and pure magical power, light beats anything in terms of pure force. Having shining and bright properties, this element concentrates on raw power and output. Somewhat a counterpart to darkness, it is truly crude. Though it suffers in versatility, it lays it's weight on pure force. Winning to even lightning in terms of destructive power, light is probably the most basic element to use, yet highly difficult to wield because of it's raw strength. It is usually associated with order, power, brilliance and by some with purity.
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Elemental list
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