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 Magic Guidelines

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PostSubject: Magic Guidelines   Magic Guidelines EmptyMon Jan 13, 2014 8:20 pm

Magic Guidelines:

  • Magic is the universal means of combat in this universe. It is also the universal means of regulating your life in Fiore
  • Creativity is wanted. If you're new to the Fairy Tail Universe, that's not a big problem because all you need is some imagination and you might have an advantage against some people who are too familiar with the canon universe
  • The ability to use your magic depends on you, but also on the character you chose. If you've read and understand the character's abilities (passives) and guidelines then you should have a good idea on what magic can and can't do.
  • Magic can't do everything. It has limits, and those depend on the character you're playing. But even the mightiest character will not be able to do things that could destroy planets.
  • Scientifically, magic can be understood as energy. Some people have the power to manipulate the energy, change it's form, control it's growth, control it in other objects and overall just utilize it to achieve various effects. Magic can be found most anywhere. It's in everything and irradiates from anything. It's a universal energy that humans have learned to use.

This section is about Canon Magic and how we regulate it. Basically just an info for everyone who wants to know how far he can go with canon magic. Some of you may want strong canon magics like Great Tree Arc or Arc Of Time. But here is an info:
The whole concept of Lost Magic does not exist in our universe. What people know as Lost Magic, will be called Ancient Magic. Because let us face it, if someone knows it, it is not Lost. Copying from the Fairy Tail wiki directly is frowned upon. Their descriptions are for the canon universe. We have actual rules that will limit certain stuff from happening. We are different from the canon universe, therefore copying descriptions from the wiki will probably not be approved. Try to come up with your own descriptions, as hard as it may be. Furthermore any magic that may seem so overly strong in the anime/manga WILL be made to fit site standards. We do not want to ban any normal form of magic but we WILL restrict them if they seem overpowered. Since that is mandatory with custom magic, canon magic will have the same form of restrictions. Therefore, and this is a very important rule, everyone should remember:

The argument “But in the Anime/Manga/Canon it works” is completely invalid. Magic will work differently from the canon, that is how it is. Things like Celestial Spirit Magic will be completely different from the canon idea. An exception to this is God Slayer Magic which will be banned as a whole. Elaborated on in the banned magic section below. Many canon magics will also be restricted in number, so pay attention to that. This will be elaborated on below in the Banned and Restricted Magic section.

In this section of the growing magic rules category we will discuss Mana and Additional Magics. Mana is, as previously stated, the magic energy required to cast spells. When you run out of Mana you can no longer use your spells. Simple. No exceptions. There are certain items, abilities which may give you to more Mana, but they are rare and/or expensive, alternatively they would be very minor amounts. In the Ranks section, the amounts of Mana given per character rank are detailed

Now moving on to Secondary Magics. For a certain amount of jewels you may purchase a secondary magic from the store, or create one yourself and have it priced by the staff. The ability to own a secondary is free. However, you may pay jewels to get a Tertiary and an additional weapon or magical item (bringing your total to 4.) This is expensive; however, with proper RPing and a lot of mission-taking you can reap the harvest, so to speak, and purchase the goodies. Again, you may purchase a pre-made magic and item OR craft one and have it approved.

All custom magic: Do not copy from others. Forum foreign, we will not care unless you copy directly, including texts written by others. Forum internally, we do definitely. Don't start copying other peoples magics because you like how they are. If someone works on a custom magic, he has intellectual property on it UNLESS he posts it in the magic borrow box.(link) This is of course does not apply if a person gives you permission to use the magic he does.
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Magic Guidelines
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